Hi! I’m Neha! Welcome to ambikainteriorz.com where I share Interior Design related content for Interior Lovers! Find out more about me on my About Me page! I have a vision to make better homes attainable to all the people out there who can or cannot seek professional help, as I feel every one has dreamt a certain way when it comes to his/her dream home, the way it would look and feel. But it is not always that everyone can afford professional help at all times in this category but yet wants to make the space their own and want it to reflect their personality. I have seen many fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, n list is unending, even these people had a vision of spreading what they know of a certain category so that it is attainable to all, because everyone’s worth it. In this generation everything is upgrading, all the sectors we can think of. Interior as a whole has changed a lot over the years and also has changed the perception of living. I chose this platform to talk to you, get in touch with you to understand how you feel about interiors and how would my Interior related blog help you in any way. I am trying my part to share more of interiors with you and hoping that you’d be a part in making my vision come true because, it is with all of us together that can make a change be it small or a big one. I hope this journey turns out to be a great one with all your support and feedback’s.

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